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RID Members:

We are now using an electronic self-reporting system which puts all the responsibility for CEU documentation on the member.  This is how it works:

On this page you will see each day of the Silent Weekend listed.  Under each day there will be two links; one will be for workshop attendance and the other will be for workshop evaluations.

When you click on the attendance link you will see a form with every time block for that day and a drop down list of the workshops offered. You are required to select and enter either the workshop you attended OR select and enter "none" if you didn't attend one during that time frame.  As an example, if you go to an 8:00 to 12:30 workshop you will enter that one and select and enter "none" on the time slot labeled 8:00 to 10:00.
When you click on the evaluation link you will click on a workshop you attended that day and answer 4 questions. Your input is valued as RID and the presenters want feedback from the participants.  When you submit that evaluation you will be given an option to complete another evaluation for another workshop on that same day. That option will be found each time you click submit.

These forms may be submitted each day while on site OR they may be done when you return home.  You have until three days after the event to fill them out and submit them. After that time, there will be no way to enter attendance or evaluations so you will not receive credit for attendance.  If you have an issue or question about CEUs you should contact the RID Sponsor, Shannon Simon, using this address:   cmp@fridcentral.org.  You should see CEUs from this event on your transcript within 10 days after the deadline for submission.

You will be sent an email to the address you entered on the attendance form showing what was entered. You can save these emails for your records.