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Registration is now open for our 2018 event.

When you register (unless you register as a fledgling) you will be asked to indicate your signing level. This information is only used to help us provide the correct number of workshops per level. At Silent Weekend feel free to attend any class that interests you regardless of level.

The levels are:

Beginner: (Short 1-2 sentence responses, some creativity in sign usage, slow signing speed)

Intermediate: (Begins to look like a "conversation" with 2-4 sentence responses, moderate signing speed)

Advanced: (Can elaborate using ASL grammar, is comfortable with visual language, communication flows smoothly)

Silent Weekend only allows those with paid registration to enter classrooms. Minors may not be in classes without a dedicated chaperone accompanying them and both must have a paid registration. Registration is required for all classes whether or not an individual wishes to obtain Continuing Education Units.

When you register you will receive an email confirmation within a week. If you do not receive one, first check your spam folder, if it is not there please contact us as soon as possible.

Registration includes all classes, all coffee/tea breaks and the chocolate fondue during the social hour on Friday from 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm. You are responsible for all your meals.

General Registration

$150 July 1, 2017 postmarked through September 30, 2017

$190 October 1, 2017 postmarked through December 31, 2017

$240 January 1, 2018 postmarked through March 31, 2018

$290 April 1, 2018 postmarked through May 31, 2018

$350 June 1, 2018 through at door registration (Anyone who registers from June 15 until "at the door" is not guaranteed a book)


Mail In General Registration (Must be mailed by June 1)

All registration prices are updated at midnight EST.

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or money order payable to Silent Weekend. No personal checks at door.

Daily Registration (mail-in or at door)

Thursday $75

Friday $150

Saturday $150

Sunday $75

Mail In Daily Registration (must be mailed by June 1)

Group registration (mail-in only)

This special group rate is for five or more registering together. Each person must fill out a separate registration form which must be sent together with one check  or money order payable to Silent Weekend. Once the registration is sent in, you cannot add to it. Due to the group registration discount, there will be no individual receipts, refunds or credits. A group receipt will be sent to the contact person at the time of registration.

$170 each October 1, 2017 postmarked by December 31, 2017

$200 each January 1, 2018 postmarked by March 31, 2018

$250 each April 1, 2018 postmarked by May 31, 2018

Mail In Group Registration

All registration prices are updated at midnight EST.

Fledgling Class

There is a class for those knowing little or no sign language. The cost is $100 for the entire weekend. This class has 6 hours of lessons on Friday and 6 hours of lessons on Saturday with one teacher using voicing to put you at ease! Fledglings may not join other classes (beginner, intermediate, advanced) during their regularly scheduled 12 hour track; however, they are welcome to join Thursday, Sunday and evening classes and social events. This is a closed group and you MUST pre-register for it. If you arrive at the Silent Weekend as a fledgling and wish to change to the regular classes, you must upgrade to the regular registration prices.

Fledgling Registration

$100 July 1, 2017 postmarked through June 1, 2018 until all 20 seats are taken.


Mail In Fledgling Registration (must be mailed by June 1)

All mail in registrations must be mailed by June 1, 2018.

Make check payable to Silent Weekend and send to: Silent Weekend , 4492 Golf Ridge Drive, Elkton, FL 32033. There will be no refunds or credits after March 1, 2018 and a $10 processing fee will apply for refund requests made prior to March 1, 2018. Your registration can be transferred at no charge to anyone you choose up to May 31, 2018. Please check our home page for last minute information before you come!

If a natural disaster or local authorities cause the Silent Weekend to be cancelled, you will be issued a refund minus %20 to cover upfront costs (program books, etc.)